Monday, April 30, 2007

Almost human

I proved it by going back to work today, and what a Joyous Occasion it was. Headspin all but gone, and I actually feel as if I could ride a bike again. Misschien Woensdag.

It's a relief to be fully operational, because I went back into 25 year regression mode on the weekend. When it intersects with the y-axis, the slope is approximately tangential to any thought I might have had. That doesn't even make sense to me.

By way of example, I learned that Keith Parkinson died of leukemia. I appear to be a bit out of touch, because he passed away 18 months ago. I also discovered a whole archive of Wormy cartoons and investigated the parallel between doping in pro cycling and using bits of other people's work in your own paintings. Most people don't want to know how the artwork is created; they just want to admire the finished product. But when it breaks copyright laws, problems can arise. According to the Book of John, copyright is too restrictive anyway. 10-15 years should be enough. If you can't make money out of your work in that time, then it's worthless and you should put it in the public domain. Or just burn it.

Speaking of burning books, which I wasn't really but there you go... I've written a synopsis for my own firestarter (that was a totally unintentional reference to The Prodigy, btw). It was tricky to write because the book itself hasn't actually been written. It's a useful exercise, though. This week's the last in our course, so I need the synopsis and any other material I can get hold of for our end of school bonfire. We mustn't let the flame be extinguished! It's important to stay warm, after all.

Weather: 20ish, sunny. We remarked today that we could be in Barcelona. Except that we're not, we're here. Well, most of us are. I'm mostly not, preferring 1982 to the present.

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