Monday, April 16, 2007

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

That's the way it is at the moment, with the mercury hitting 297K this weekend. It's been amazing weather for the last two weeks, and I haven't yet had to clean the Ridley. I'm sure that time will come :-)

I've taken advantage of it to do a bit of bike riding. The week's stats:

Riding time: 24hrs 18min
Distance: 725km
Climbing: 8200m (broke all my climbing records this week)
Beer consumed: 0mL
Chocolate devoured: quite a lot. Really.
Schwartz burgers and chips eaten: 1 serving
Ice cream counter: 3 tubs
Coffees drunk: about 10, because I was only in the office for two days
Weight lost: 0mcg
Implication: I've eaten nearly 5000 calories per day, on average. Bloody hell!

Related stats

Book chapters revised: 2
Movies seen: 2 (300, not bad, a lot of death), The Lives of Others (very good. I must start a Stasi file on myself)
Hours spent contemplating the meaning of life: at least 40. Immanuel Kant's words on enlightenment were quite good.
Paris-Roubaix watched: 1. How good was Stuey? Maaaate.


Anonymous said...


What amazes me in a week of amazing stats (725 km in a typical calender week!), is how you managed to consume 0 mL of beer. You don't by chance enjoy a tipple when you're tapering on the beer?


Jeff Jones said...

It wasn't deliberate. I would have had a beer had the opportunity arisen, but it didn't. I'm sure I'll have a chance to make up for it though! And rather a lot of drinking had gone on in the previous two weeks, so it was high time for a break.

Karma Police said...

Jonsey -

you are a machine! I was chuffed with my 25k to work..

Jeff Jones said...

I'm a very broken machine at the moment :-( Didn't even think about toughing the bike last week. Maybe by the middle of this week...

25km to work is not bad, especially if you do the round trip. That's better than pretty much all of the journos on the bike mags!