Friday, April 27, 2007

Blah - reprise

Being sick is boring. Not much has happened since Monday and my head still feels the same: it's like being slightly drunk all the time without any of the benefits. Sleeping has no effect, except that it uses up time.

I did drag myself out to reclaim my Flandria from John's Bikes. No go. The gear shifter works brilliantly now, but the bottom bracket is dead, the chain is as good as dead, ditto the cluster, the brake pads have seen better days, and the cables need replacing. I left it there.

For some reason on Thursday, there was a big push from work to join Facebook. I'm there now and I have to say that it's a far better site than the horror that is MySpace. The geographical networks are mildly annoying though.

I see the Pope has officially given the thumbs down to Limbo. Damnit! Does that mean it never existed or has it simply ceased to exist now? I should become a reverse engineer for the Church. There's probably a few jobs going there now.

Lindt Madagascar chocolate is not nearly as good as the Ecuador model.

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