Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Ronde

I survived, as did Jo, and even wrote this last night:

Riding the 'real' Ronde.

My poor bike!

I'll have to rename this blog JeffJonesCorpTM to reflect its new, more international status. It's still going to be all bilge, all the time.


Brecht said...

Respect, that's all I can say Ralph

Rosa said...

verslag gelezen, kan mij niet van de indruk ontdoen dat je veel rugwind en zijwind in de rug hebt gehad...
ha, ha, ha
Jo's onstelde maag: zeker dat het niet van Oudenaards Bruin was? Hem kennende.

toch proficiat aan de toeristen.

de terrorist

Anonymous said...

Volgende keer wordt het Oudenaards Bruin of een Einese Cnudde.
I'll never drink Isostar again!!!

Hugh Jones said...

I always knew that riding 290K in the rain and mud on a shonky bike was lunacy. I'm really glad that my offspring finally has a certificate to prove it.

Jeff Jones said...

Re: the certificate with the sanity clause, I am my father's son, after all. Newnes (or did you start in Lithgow?) to Sydney in a day on a three speed?

Voor de echte wielerterrorist, ja, misschien wij had (veel) rug en zijwinden, maar ik vind 't saai om dit in het verslag te vermelden :-)

Next year, maybe we need to drink beer at every checkpoint and see how far we get.

Thanks for the respect, John.

hugh jones said...

regarding the sanity clause, you forgot that I was carrying a 15kg backback and was only 14 years old at the time. Luckily my lunacy brain cells were fully formed at this age and as I advance further in years it is clear that they will be the last to shut down.

Jeff Jones said...

Ah good, I bet you didn't get a sustificate though. I can produce mine on request now, which earns me a few strange looks from the plice.

I remember doing something almost as stupid with a large backpack in 1998 (170 km via the north circular from London to Salisbury). That ended with one of my first editing jobs on exposing malpractices in the funeral trade in exchange for a place to stay for the night.