Monday, April 17, 2006

linker polsbreuk

I had to use these words a few times today in Oudenaarde hospital and police station. Yep, I finally managed to crack a bone after 34 years of trying. In this case, it's the left wrist and I have it in a cast for four weeks. I can still type at about half speed, fortunately, but it's a pain.

It being Easter Monday, I thought I'd go out for a quick morning spin before work. I hadn't planned on leaving the Schelde, but I was sucked in. It was a bit wet and reasonably quick, and on the back side of the Molenberg, I started to chase the guy in front (Luc de Loor) with another guy. We caught him on the Trap Op and kept it going, hurting a bit after not riding at all yesterday.

The descent of the Edelareberg can be a little tricky in the wet, but the cars pulling out of the cobbled side street near the bottom are always dangerous. One nudged out in front of us, stopped, looked and saw us, and kept going. It was way too late to avoid it, as it basically occupied all of our side of the road. Luc hit it pretty hard and I hit Luc's bike I think, somersaulting and landing on my left side.

Result: Luc had a big bruise above his eye, but was otherwise ok-ish. I broke my wrist, and took a bit of skin off my behind. The driver stopped and was taken away by the police for a statement. We got patched up and also gave our version of events, although I don't know if the police will understand my scrawl as it's not easy to write with a cast on. It'll probably go to court, the police said. Wot fun.

Saturday was better: 5 of us on the Trap Op, then we were caught by Patrick Middernacht and Jan Soetens (Jartazi) and one other. We had a nice rhythm going back along the Schelde too, and I felt good.

That is all.

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