Friday, April 14, 2006


Being Friday (and wet), I celebrated Easter by buying a 100g packet of chocolate eggs from the GB and eating them all. Lucky I did that 100km this morning or I would be huge by now. I also found some Tom Boonen gouda in the cheese section, so I bought that too. But I think it will last longer than the Easter eggs.

Happy Easter anyway. Jesus never had it this good.

The big move will happen next week, in theory. I must acquire some furniture though. Fairly quickly. There are Other things happening next week too, some of which may be fun or not.

Got up the Berendries in 2'34 on Tuesday, with a light tailwind. Only a couple of seconds slower than my best, and they only did it in 2'20 in the Ronde (going easy, with 230km in the legs), so that is good.

The bar count is up to 21, but two of those were without Reinhard. 't Galgenhuisje (smallest cafe in Gent) is pretty funny; Bloomingdales is a lounge bar underneath the cinema; and there was another small one on the Korenlei that was pleasant.


lucy (power, not sister) said...

So according to your earlier count, only 269 cafes to go? You're doing pretty well Jeff. Hopefully us Powers can visit at some stage and help you bring the count down...

Jeff Jones said...

269, yes, but I might knock over some more tonight. And youse are always welcome for a Visit!