Wednesday, March 29, 2006


That's the theme of the day, as I watch the rain fall outside my window. Schubert is most appropriate. Der Leiermann always cracks me.

I hope it's not like this on Saturday, but I'm committed now. Got my entry, number, map of the course. 260 km + 10 km to Jo's place. Gunna be interesting. I've invested in some new equipment this week, i.e. a chain, cassette, chainrings, etc. But I've got a Time bike coming sometime soon, so that's going to be fun to ride.

On the property front, I've almost found somewhere to move to, and it'll probably be round the corner in the Rooseveltlaan or somewhere like that. Can get a 2 br place for about €600/month, including costs. But it's a three year lease.

Still no West Vleteren, but that will come. Last night at about 10pm, I dragged out Reinhard (who was still at work in his shop!) for a couple of beers and increased our cafe count to 15. We almost literally bumped into a couple of his friends as we were hunting for a watering hole, and they suggested the Limonada Bar, which is down a back alley near Sint Baafs, so we joined them. Different again, and very relaxed, lounge, studenty sort of place. Beer was cheap too, and that's always good.

Apparently there's now 290 cafes in Gent though. The guy who does the bar guide is one of R's customers, and he visits up to 15 a night, typcially drinking in all of them! It must be hard updating that guide every month. Very hard.

Went out langs de Schelde this morning with no brekky and suffered a bit coming back (been going fairly hard for the last two days). It was wet and there wasn't much of a tailwind coming back. Tomas Vaitkus decided to do some training and it hurt.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Good to read you are ready for it.
I don't care about rain if we have a tailwind for the major part of the trip. They promise 15 degrees.
See you on Saturday after the first cock-crow.


Brecht said...

weersvoorspelling voor zaterdag 1 maart 2006: regen, 4 Beaufort NO, max 14°

want me to translate? :-p
enjoy your trip guys!

Jeff Jones said...

Tailwind, focus on the tailwind.

Brecht, you're teasing. It's gunna be a SW wind on Saturday, I'm sure! Rain at first, then clearing up. Like every day this week.

My chain/cassette investment has not been successful. Cassette was too thin (needs a spacer) and I destroyed the chain by messing up the linking pin. Both of them.

Rosa said...

enjoy... afzien bij de beesten, ze moeten maar zo zot nie zijn...

zal aan hen denken 's middags bij mijn expresso met chocoladekoekje en Remy Martin!

de levensgenieter

Rosa said...

toch het beste voor morgen, zal aan jullie denken?

maar kom als toeristen ons niet voor de wielen rijden op ons terroristenparcours

Jeff Jones said...

Bedankt Pater,

Ik ben klaar, na 'n beetje losrijden vanmorgen (zoals gij). Succes in Berchem!