Saturday, April 29, 2006

Haus muzik

Happy 21st to Cousin Jo!

I'm currently preparing for an evening in Mia's cafe, where Jo, Philippe, Guido et al will take me for my first ever West Vleteren experience. I've been in heavy training, working on the Leffe Tripels (8.5%), which are still a step below the West Vleteren 12%.

Still, five or six Leffe Tripels do have a noticable effect, as we found out at our mini-house warming last week. At ridiculously short notice, seeing as we (namely Les Clarke and ik) moved in at the beginning of the week, we decided to have a few drinkypoos with anyone who was game enough to turn up. We had quite a crowd, with Guido and Lucien, Reinhard and Eve from across the road. We didn't even have enough glasses, although Guido supplied an extra one with the Petrus that he brought. Lucien brought some very interesting looking bottles that I'm sure will be appreciated, while Eve made do with three largish bottles of Leffe and a pack of Winfields. It was a varied mix.

There is something missing from the fridge
© Jeff Jones

Redressing the balance after two days
© Jeff Jones

Me with me old cast on
© Les Clarke

On Wednesday I managed to get my old cast off in favour of a new, lighter, blue one. It makes typing even more difficult, but I manage. I can also ride OK, although it's a bit hard on the back. I can put weight on the bars through the cast, and it's fairly comfy. Of course I'll stick to the flat and the Schelde or other canals. I took Les out a few times and he didn't like the wind much, or people sitting on our wheels.

I went out alone today and had a good session. Coming back into the headwind, a guy jumped on my wheel with maybe 15 km to go, and of course wouldn't do a turn, nor even let me know he was there. I hate that. Feeling in a rare vindictive mood, with about 8 km to go, I cranked it up to 35-36 and started to ride closer to the edge of the road. Eventually he complained and asked me to move left, and I looked around surprised: "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there."

I relented and moved into the centre of the road. Despite this, he was making painful swearing noises to stay on my wheel, and at the end he told me he'd ridden Omloop Het Volk for profs. Hmm, I doubt it was this year's edition. I told him I'd just broken my wrist and was trying to keep my condition up. Then he bid me farewell.

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