Sunday, May 23, 2004

Thoughts I

There's a lot happening in May. Allez Chavanel, Lance, Jensy, Petacchi & Popovych enzovoort. Nog zes etappen in de Giro en dan...iets verlichting. Why am I writing in single Dutch? Something to do with tiredness.

This morning: 6:40 am start. Why? To meet the bunch in Berchem. Even a cup of coffee and a cup of tea did nothing to wake me up and I was asleep for the first 60km (and also the last 40km coming home). Luckily it's generally a straight line coming back. I woke up in the middle bit in order to avoid a repeat of last week. THIS time there was no red-lining it for 20 minutes, merely an acceleration or two on the final climbs, always within my limits. Stayed with the kopgroep fairly comfortably today. Did I mention it rained all the way out and all the way back? No? Well it did. The light motregen that Belgium is famous for. Like water for chocolate. That damned north wind.

Had a kip on the couch following the Giro stage and then assumed the position for the rest of the evening in front of the keyboard. As I said, there's a lot happening in May. I'm resultsed out. At least it's mindless.

A note on Saturday: 35 km/h average on the Trap Op (3km at 2.7%). Roughly 400-420W for 5'10 for whoever was in front. Oooowww. And I was sitting on!

A blogservation

People, please consider your dear reader at least a little bit when you create your blog. None of this brown writing on black background with faded image crapola. Or puce on pink with a floral splash and gold curlicues around the edges. IT'S BLOODY HARD TO READ.

I know most stuff, especially what I write here, isn't worth reading anyway, but at least give us a fighting chance. What's wrong with DARK letters on a WHITE background. Black and white co-existing peacefully, no apartheid. See, it can work? Why am I ranting like this? Because it's 14 minutes past 1am and I don't care. Normally I would write it as 1:14am.

To finish with, some keywords for google to pick up: George W Bush fell off his bike today. What a goose! Cannot find weapons of mass destruction. Iraq. Saddam. King Hussein of Michael Jordan. Just Do It. Nike. Lance. Guineviere. The Knights who say Ni. Elderberries. Hamster. Smiley, Ace of Spies. Bet no-one will google all that.

Ik slap.

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