Wednesday, May 19, 2004

March 2004 update

[note: I'm still catching up!]

Warning, this email may contain traces of nuts.

Nutrition facts

Energy: 4 kcal
Protein: 1.2 g
Carbohydrates: Trace
Total: 3,000 kg
Saturated: Heaps
Calories from fat: You don't want to know
Sodium: -3.5 mg
Potassium: More than the sodium
Iron: Not very often
B group vitamins: A Berocca will do the trick
Vitamin C: Eat more fruit
Co-enzyme Q10: Hang on a minute...

Welcome to my March/April newsletter update thingy, which has to be sent here and now to avoid problems with time dilation. That Einstein chap has a lot to answer for I reckon.

For those of you who are new to this circular, the best way to read it is to press "Ctrl + A" on your keyboard, or select the entire body of the email with your mouse, and then press the "Del" key. This will ensure you get the best bits of the email, which are all hidden in the subject line. Alternatively, the Modular Format (tm) means that you can apply this technique to any section.

Bikes in Gent

Anyway I'm sittin' here, listening to some muzak, pining for my dear bicycle, which has been in a local bike shop for the last 8 days and four hours(!!!) and counting, all because I wanted to replace the headset! Problem was, when they tried to remove the stem, it broke and a bit got left in the fork. After several attempts at removing said bit, I now need a new fork and stem and headset. Grr. So I have been RATHER FRUSTRATED at not being able to really ride for the last eight days, four hours and five minutes (and counting). Especially because it has been absolutely stinking hot in Gent of late. A real scorcher today at 18 degrees which had me in out in shorts and t-shirt. There snow more snow.

I have been able to ride my MTB, which probably didn't expect it was going to be thrashed out to Oudenaarde and back every day. Unfortunately it is suffering under the load, and now needs a couple of spokes replacing (which I'll do once I get my real velocipede back). The seat is a few cm too low, but the saddle is rather comfy because it's about four times as big as my racing saddle.

Before this happened, I was actually getting to a reasonable level of fitness again. Oh well, I have time to get it back before May when I hope to do a spot of racing here in Belgiƫ.

Health: I haven't dropped dead yet so I think that's a positive sign (for me at least, maybe not for anyone else). I'm planning on getting another heart checkup sometime in April, but I'm fairly confident that I'm fully rid of the virus. I haven't been doing that many hard efforts recently anyway.

Work: Lots, as usual, and we're coming up to the April classics season now, which is quite intense. These are my favourite races of the year because they are so much less predictable than the big tours. You have to get everything right on the day to win, and with each classic measuring about 260 km, that's a big ask. Plus they're held on such excellent parcourses (forgive my Franglais). I'm looking forward to riding a chunk of the Ronde van Vlaanderen this Saturday, along with about 10,000 others, before Sunday's Main Event. Hope the weather stays as schitterend as it is now.

Movies: Helaas, there hasn't been a whole lotta opportunity for me to see the latest celluloid offerings. The first chance I got, I went to see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Gollum's Revenge Part IV, the Rise of the Orcs, because it is such a tops film. The week after they had a screening of the full LotR trilogy in one day(!) but I missed it because I had a slightly better offer of free food. I reckon it'd be fun to play an orc as an extra in one of those films, although it's probably better if you were one of the ones who didn't get deaded. The Nazgul were pretty cool too, especially the cry!! Very authentic, I thought. I wanna be a Witch King when I grow up.

I also saw Gothika on a whim and seven euros, but wasn't overly impressed. Scary, yes, but take away the sudden movements and loud noises and it didn't add up to much, in my biased opinion. Give me Scooby Doo 2 any day.

Herendethelessen: OK I'll keep it short today, as I'm busy planning my social schedule (chortle). Hope youse are all well, whichever country you happen to be in.


Citadelpark, Gent, February, 2004

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