Thursday, May 27, 2004

Invest now while stocks last

I have made several valuable investments in the past week, in order to guarantee my future in this world. The first one was in a packet of brazil nuts, which as we all know are very high in selenium. I am now in no danger whatsover of being selenium deficient, so I regard this as a highly valuable investment. And I've still got half of the packet of brazil nuts left. Quelle miracle.

Speaking of food, I had to make a rather hasty investment in some chocolate ice cream today, as my stocks had mysteriously run empty, despite having been renewed a mere TWO DAYS AGO. Probably a rat or a possum. I've set up a cunning rat trap near the fridge consisting of a bowl with a spoon resting inside the bowl. The unsuspecting rat will open the freezer, scoop out a chunk of dark chocolate ice cream and scoff the lot. In the morning, I'll be able to tell which rat it was because one will be fatter than the others. Cunning, eh? I'm quite proud of this trap and have submitted it to the Gent Rat Traps Patent Board, Pty. Ltd.

In the non-food dept., I was forced to splurge, er, invest in a Vittoria Corsa CX Open Tubular, due to the fact that my trusty Maxxis Columbiere (sic) is past its use by date. Must have clocked up about 4-5015 km on the thing, and I should have...retired it before yesterday's race in Bredene (near Oostende). It was a nice easy 7.8 km course, very fast, and I felt quite good, but unfortunately I hit a rock or something on the second lap and it was all over. Dang. Rode 65 km home so I least I didn't waste the day. I'll try again in Bottelare, which is quite close to Gent, next Monday.

While investing in the Vittoria Corsa CX Open Tubular, I decided to pick up a pair of Pearl Izumi bib knicks. I've heard good things about PI, so we'll see how long they last. My Campag Techno and my Bergamo knicks (both freebies) are in fairly good condition, but my other pairs are wearing a tad too thin.

Giro news. Three days to go and it's still not decided. The Kid, a.k.a. Damiano Cunego, took the lead in Stage 16 from Popovych with an absolutely brilliant move with 60 km to go. His team captain Gibo Simoni, who is scripted to win the Giro, had to play second fiddle again. Gibo has two stages to show the young upstart who's boss, but I don't think Cunego will let him get away with it.

Today it was the Russian AK47, Pavel Tonkov, who mowed everyone down and really stuck it to them. His victory salute was the first time I've seen anyone use a rude gesture when they've won a big stage. Tonkov had a few paybacks to make today.

Movie watch: I invested in a ticket to see Starksy and Hutch the other week. My expectations weren't great (but I did have them) and they were met by this piece of celluloid. It was amusing. It probably would have been more amusing if a) I hadn't seen the trailer giving away the best bits and b) I'd seen the original show at least once. Good for a laugh.

After the Giro I might actually fiddle around with this Bilgespot template. I'll add a golf links on the left hand side, which means I can duck out during lunchtime and scare a few birds with the pitching wedge. The golf links will in no way be related to the past/present/future conflagration in Iraq.

That reminds me, it's google time: Golf. Audi. Shouldn't there be five rings? Olympics. Athens. Marathon. Troy. Achilles (why didn't they let go of his foot anyway?). Styx. Anywhere north, west or south of Paramatta. Please note the Greek context.

Tot volgende keer,

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