Friday, March 30, 2007

Talk Show Host


I've come to the conclusion that the Schwartz burger is the best burger in Bath. Even when you've had many pints, you can still taste them. And they still taste good. Expensive but.

Caught up with friends of the family John and Jenny this evening and It Was Good. Must have been close to 10 years, and that's always interesting to cross that gap. Then - and this was several pints later - the other John and I caught up in All Bar One, along with our semi-regular riding companion Kirsty, who was there with her rowing mates. The place has no soul and no acoustics, but it's smoke-free. Roll on July.

The weekend should be full of off-road fun, as we're going to Afan (in Welsh Wales) for some off-road fun. That's two lots of off-road fun in two days in Welsh Wales. A tip that I remembered from last time: Don't drink the coffee.

Non-random observation: I am in danger of getting fit. Next Friday: first race in six months at Castle Combe. I have my cat. 1 licence and my Chippenham Wheelers membership and I'm not afraid to use them. I think the base fitness is there, but it will take a few races before I'm back up to speed again.

Non-random observation #2: Daim bars are so good.


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