Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Consumption on Tuesday:

1 x Twix
1 x Dark Flake
2 x mochas from the machine (OK, that's a stretch)
1 x cup of cocoa
1 x hot chocolate from Shake Away
4 x chocolate covered/chipped muesli bars
Green and Black's chocolate ice cream (most of a tub)

I think I'm missing something in my diet. The rest of it consisted of:

1 x cup of tea
1 x bowl of muesli with yoghurt and past use-by date milk
1 x drinking yoghurt
4 x muesli bars (other)
1 x triple Americano from Italian ice cream shop that serves good coffee
1 x homemade cheese and tomato baguette
1 x salmon steak with potatoes, broccoli and carrots
1/3 tub of awful cheap soft scoop vanilla ice cream (shockah!)

Wednesday: Still tired, but managed to average 28 on a hilly ride with John. Haven't finished the milk yet.


Les said...

Jesus Christ mate, I can see your dietary habits haven't changed too much... when are you back in Oz?

Jeff Jones said...

They have not changed. But I miss Belgian chocolate. Back in Oz in early May. I'll give you a shout.