Sunday, March 25, 2007

Les collines de la Cotswolds

Cold and grey and another 500km week. On Saturday, the plan was to go out with the Chippenham lot. I did 60km beforehand, rolled up at the cemetery at the right time, and then proceeded to adjust my brakes. It took me 20 minutes of footling around, and after 10 I told the rest of them to go. And go they did, while I semi-time trialled the whole way around the course without seeing them again. I had Killing in the name of going through my head, but it didn't help.

Oh well, it was good training.

Sunday: still cold and grey. Went north, but spent the first 20 minutes of the ride mucking about with a new saddle. Fortunately, no-one had to wait for me. I had Claire de Lune going through my head, which probably means I was tired. It doesn't really have much of a beat to it. I ended up at the Severn somewhere near Gloucester, turned around and came home. 140km all up.

I ran out of food, which was annoying, because I ate more than I normally would have. I think Saturday cooked me a bit. And I also dropped my multi-tool near the top of Bannerdown while doing about 60km/h. I didn't want to slow down so I went all the way to the flat bit near the bottom before turning around, re-climbing the hill and retrieving the vital piece of equipment.

Daylight saving started today. Maybe that's why I'm tired. A big week ahead, methinks. Time for some more Debussy preludes.

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