Sunday, March 18, 2007

A chess problem

The problem is, I usually play black. And assuming it was my move first, I would take the white queen with my rook on h5 and be done with it. Because then if white moved their c rook to c7 - as is recommended - then white is close to checkmate. But not quite, without the queen. For what it's worth, I think black's position is lost, but there might be a chance. Problems have solutions.

You come up with these things after 320km of riding in a weekend, preceded (and interspersed) by beer. I did a 200km Audax ride on Saturday and posted something about it on the cycling plus blog. Sunday: Mendips, but only 100km. I was taking it a bit easier than last week but was still pleased with my average.

Probably no spare nights this week. Not that that's a bad thing. I also got my cat. 1 licence and my Ridley (finally) cut down to the right size. Better do some racing.

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