Friday, March 17, 2006

The cafe plan

As mentioned, Reinhard and I plan to visit all 288 cafes in Gent, although most likely we won't get that far. The count is now at 10 after we went to Charlatan (small, smoky student bar near Sint Jacobs) and then to the Dulle Griet in the Vridagmarkt - a somewhat over the top 'traditional?' cafe. I tried Achel - one of the six trappists - in the latter, and it was very strong, but not bad. Lots of sediment in it too, but Guido tells me that this is normal. I just need to try West Vleteren now, and apparently there is a cafe in Drongen where they serve it...

We also went back to the Vooruit on Wednesday for a free 'concert', but it was essentially just a jam session, which became somewhat tiresome after 15 minutes. Beer and nachos were better.

Commonwealth Games. Hmm. Well, it's lost some of its lustre since when I was a kiddie. Australia does well enough at the Olympics, so when you take out all the competition and split up Great Britain into X countries, it becomes a bit of a walkover. Still, it was good to see Benny get up in the kilo and Ryan is great to watch when he is in form. He was unstoppable in the keirin.

It has still been chilly here, so the battle is to keep warm while outside. One trick is to ride faster, because producing more power also produces more heat (a lot more, as your body is about 25 percent efficient). Better to ride at 200W than 150W, because then you'll have another 600W keeping you warm instead of 450W. But you'll run out of gas quicker, I suppose.

I put the theory to the test today as I hammered around the Saturday parcours. Trap Op in 5'18 was a minute quicker than I did on my own last week, and 20 seconds quicker than we did with the bunch on the weekend. I had a nice tailwind, but I wasn't going flat out either. Roll on spring.

Saw The Green Mile on TV. Plenty of religious overtones, as it's about a big black guy who is wrongly put on death row, and turns out to have healing powers, a la Jesus. Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan and others. Surprisingly good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Small correction. I have done 130 km (and not 110 km as you mentioned in your previous bilgespot) on that ordinary Saturday. Jo was more nuts than I (understand that he is in a better shape than I).
We should see that you can come ounce in that café in Drongen. Guido is also interested and Jo is always prepaired to come as long as there is alcohol.

Greetings, Philippe

Jeff Jones said...

Hi Philippe,

Mea culpa. I have corrected the distance (typical journalist, always getting it wrong). We were all nuts to be out on that Saturday. Keep going and you'll be flying for the Ronde.

As for the cafe in Drongen, I need to find some time, but I'd definitely like to go.


Rosa said...

het bewijs is opnieuw geleverd, journalisten drinken meer dan dat ze de juiste informatie geven...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I got a mail from Jo today. He wants me to correct also something. He wants me to point that I will not ride the RVV, but he will. When all these mistakes are corrected in your bilgespot than I can give you absolution. For your penance I order you to drink three Westfleteren trappists ad libitum (ad fundum would be a disgrace).
This nonsense all said, I salute you.


Jeff Jones said...

Phillipe en Dé Rosa, a.k.a. Pater Sixtus,

Ik ben opnieuw verkeerd! Ik heb het corrigeerd. Mea culpa x 3 + West Vleteren ad libitum x 3.


Rosa said...

Wie kan er gauw nog een wegeniswerken improviseren met omleiding, in Vlaanderen kan dat toch geen probleem geven en... Drongen dorp van De Ronde maken.
Voor iedere renner die we herkennen 'n 12° van W-V!
Wie zal dan nog de naam van de winnaar weten??
Alleen ik denk: V..

Pater Sixtus

Jeff Jones said...

Jo and ik zal de (volledige) Ronde rijden on zaterdag, April 1. Misschien één W-V in Drongen na Vlaanderen's mooiste?

De journalist in training...

Rosa said...

kan jij op één been staan???

Jeff Jones said...

Hmm, ge hebt gelijk. Jo kan op vijf of zes benen staan.