Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Blog ambition

This is getting addictive. I was gunna wait a coupla days but I had spare time (i.e. it's not yet midnight) so I added a Golf Links on the right hand side of this bilgespot below the archives. So if any of youse have got an interesting link or putting green, then please email it to me and it will sit in the Link Evaluation Queue powered by SRAM and be put upon for some time. Thank you.

And now for some real news:


[that's internet-speak for silence]

Yes that's right, I had a semi-day off today. Ooh la la, wot fun. I actually got up at sparrow fart (8:00am) to get 55 km in before I started work and took it easy, as did everyone else in the smallish bunch which was a bit odd for a Tuesday. Clearly all partied out from Monday.

Der Kaiser ist zurück!!!!!. Yeehaa, I say.

Apart from that, the most exciting cycling news of the day was that Roberto Gaggioli got suspended for a year for assaulting someone with a 2x4. What a goose. He should have used a 4x2. Or even a 4x4. Then the assaultee wouldn't have got up so quick. No comment about the horse hormones found in Mark French's room, suffice to say that I didn't put them there. He was only 19, and that reminds me of a bad song.

Speaking of bad songs, I've been listening to a combination of Rachmanninov (concertos 2 & 3), Nine Inch Nails, Björk, Vaughan Williams, Massive Attack and The Cardigans all at once. That means I now own music by a band that begins with "The". This wasn't the case prior to 2004, unless you count The Ludwig van Beethoven. What does this portend?

You can tell this has been an interesting day by the semi-congealed bits of gibberish that I am now pouring out onto the blog for posterior's sake. I think I did washing and shopping. The long weekend really took its toll on my muesli bar supply, but I'm happy to report it's back to pre-Christmas levels. No word on the chocolate ice cream burglar yet, but as I now have a brand new and UNOPENED (as of Wednesday, June 2, 12:06am) tub of Carte d'Or DARK chocolate ice creamy goodness, it's only a matter of time.

It's now Wednesday, June 2, 12:07am and the Carte d'Or DARK chocolate ice cream tub in the freezer - which is just a couple of metres away - is still unopened. Still. Unopened.

<internal struggle>

Several minutes pass...

</internal struggle>

The reason why it's still unopened at 12:09am is that I actually went out to dinner chez Sunderlands in Zottegem and they had dame blanche with chocolate sauce which I found to be sufficient, especially after Authentic Flemish pork schnitzel (with Authentic Tandoori Colouring), mashed spud, mushrooms and cauliflower. I think there was tomato in there somewhere too. And some beer 'n wine 'n stuff. It was good to see S+S+S+T again, but S is looking a bit tired from looking after 1.5 year old T. The other S is busy collecting Pokemon cards and annoying T, while big S was just back from the Tour of Luxembourg where he was doing ok until the last day when he dehydrated himself a bit. It was warm there, yet two hours away in Belgium it was raining. Quelle strange weather Batman.

Uhm, so yeah, that was it. But wait, there's more. I added a Golf Links to the bilgespot and some more bilge. As I said above, this is getting dangerously addictive but I'll try and restrict myself to 2-3 posts a week. That might be easier than not opening the Carte d'Or chocolate ice cream tub on Wednesday, June 2 at 12:19am. Which I won't do of course. I have principles.

Morpheus is calling,
p.s. thanks y'all for yer feedback. 'tis dangerous to encourage me ;-)


Anonymous said...

What kind of gearing is a 2x4?

A 13.5 inch gear? for climbing walls?


Jeff Jones said...

It's a great-great granny gear