Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time warp

Why is it that the last hour of jetlag takes so long to get rid of? I've woken up between 3:43am and 4:47am for the last few days, and generally can't keep my eyes open past 9pm. Anyway, it means I can ride more in the mornings, so that's good.

I did my first long ride in five weeks today. 163km at an average of 31 clicks, not too hilly. After feeling good but slow all week on the hills, things started to work properly again and (with a tailwind) I knocked 15 seconds off my best time up Bannerdown without going too much into the red. I think I'll be back to normal by the Tour of Wessex next weekend. It's not a race, only a cyclosportif, so I'm planning on doing just the Saturday stage at a semi-hard pace. Then I'll get back into the Wednesday 10 mile TTs, plus more cyclosportifs in June.

I've hit upon a good call screening technique, because my el cheapo caballero phone doesn't show who is calling. Given that only ma and pa will call me on my landline, I can safely ignore all other calls. TalkTalk tried to convert me to their internet service because it would be cheaper, but I managed to stall them for a few days. I know it's them ringing me now. But I won't crack. Hah!

I've half a mind to change back to BT, which is actually cheaper than TalkTalk if you don't make any calls. At least BT doesn't ring you up and harass you. That qualifies as evil in my as yet unfinished book.

Still reading Junky, by William S. Burroughs, and Weasel Words by Don Watson. The latter is hilarious and educational. The former is easy to read but turns the stomach.

Back into time warp mode: Does anyone remember Dead Eyes Opened by Severed Heads? The 1994 remix was arguably better. I finally found out where the story came from. It was a real murder case (google Death on the Crumbles) and the narrator in the song was Edgar Lustgarten, who used to present a British TV show called Scales of Justice.

Soon the internet will enable us to look back to the big bang.

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