Thursday, May 24, 2007

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I cannot beloive that June is almost upon us. That means it'll soon be July and then August. I think September comes next, but my memory is dim. We'll cross that week when we come to it.

I nearly starved to death this week because I couldn't find time to go shopping. Post-work beers, post-work work and of course pre-work rides took up the available hours. Work did go slightly insane for a change, but it was good because we made several great leaps forward towards our site launch. Or is that forwards toward, or forwards towards?

The food situation was alleviated by beer and chess on Monday. Our designer can play chess to a reasonable standard, which means he beat me hands down in our first game and I just managed to get one back in the second. Apart from three pints of beer, I had a small tub of yoghurt for dinner (seeing as it was late and all). It didn't seem to slow me down next morning, as I knocked another 10 seconds off my quickest time up Kingsdown. It's down to 7'08 now. I should be able to get under 7'00.

More beer was the only option on Tuesday, followed by the remains of a curry. Wednesday was just silly at work. Fortunately, a fine Schwartz burger and chips sufficed to fill the gaping chasm that is my stomach. These are actually alright.

Thursday: back to normal. Fridge refilled and now partially emptied.

Shorts were in order today, for the first time this year. The weather should hold for Saturday, which will make the Tour of Wessex a whole lotta fun. I'm going to start about an hour behind everyone and do it at my own pace, aiming for about 30km/h (it's 100 miles and very hilly).


I'm in the UK's Official Tour Guide next month (looking slightly scary) as part of an ad for our new site. That's going to be fun once it launches.

Another good cafe in Bath: Metropolitan, above Bloomsbury on Milsom St. Unfortunately, the coffee quality in Fopp has gone a bit random.

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