Friday, March 04, 2005

Yellow lenses

I invested in a pair of peril sensitive sunglasses, which come with three types of lenses: clear, yellow and dark. The yellow ones are great because they give you the false impression that it's actually a lot brighter than it is. I have also acquired a thick puffy jacket from the Sunderland clan, who keep me in winter clothing while I'm here. It's extremely warm and somewhat better than my wholly holey jumper.

Saw the sun for 15 seconds on Thursday. Really. That was better than Tuesday or Wednesday. Friday (today) was better in the morning in that it was actually dry, but by 3pm it started snowing and it's coming down pretty hard now at 5:30. But they predict 5 degrees tomorrow - hoho, I'll believe that when I see it.

Don Gamble (now married to his Belgian fiancee) and I have been exchanging info on how to keep warm. He reckons long thermal underwear is the go. Also Roeckl winter gloves. My hands are still getting cold now, even with two pairs of gloves. Met a Belgian called Christof who spoke English with a kiwi accent, 'cos he lived in Wellington for so long. He didn't even have shoe covers on. Argh!!

A lady in the laundromat said to me today (roughly): "Het blijft slecht weer in de hele wereld." Not in Australia, lady!

It occurred to me that ABBA sprang to fame by winning the Eurovision Song Contest, but arguably no other band has done so since. Not even Sergio and the Ladies, which didn't win in 2002 anyway. Jeez, it's been nearly three years since that campaign.

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