Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The official temperature recorded in Gent at 1pm today was -1.8 degrees. I thought it was a tad chilly. Still, I didn't get snowed on so that was ok. In fact, the path along the Schelde was pretty good. I had a cunning plan today, seeing as the wind was from the south: Ride 60 km south, turn around and come back with the tailwind. It took a stroke of genius to come up with that one.

The wind was, as I expected, an utter bastard going out. 27.5 km/h average with a heart rate of 145-150 all the time. My face and eyes were frozen and of course to take a drink of water, I had to unscrew the top of the bidon, slosh the ice around a bit and have a swig of oh-so-refreshing iced water. Why doesn't it do that in summer?

I think I got to somewhere near Tournai before I made the U-turn...just as it started to snow a bit. But that didn't last long and the ride back was accomplished in 1:41, at pretty much the same heart rate. I was a bit cold coming back though. I hate how you can't close your fingers properly when you get cold.

I saw exaclty one other rider out today: Jules, who was on his early morning constitutional.

I have also unblocked the drain successfully, so now the water actually goes somewhere other than down the back of the sink cupboard.

Now to eat for the rest of the afternoon.

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