Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Visitation

Last Friday evening, guess who rocked up to my place? It's pretty obvious if you've read the previous post. Yes that's right: My dear mother!

This Visitation was Planned from the beginning of course. Why she chose to arrive on the Friday before the Tour finished I dunno, but anyway it was good to see her again. Even if a little late. The connecting flight got cancelled by the baggage retrieval system they've got at Heathrow. I' about etc. So 6pm turned into 10pm.

The next day, she took it into her head to clean parts of the place. I am not sure why, as my apartment is always spic and span at all times. There is not a skeric of dust anywhere except perhaps under the couch. <hastily moves couch>

That done, Ma also took it upon herself to cook me dinner. Luxury. I have been living off instant rice for 2 weeks while the Tour has been on - not even any of my famous Kylie Kwong stews! So a real meal with vegetables and stuff was most welcome. Thanks Maw!

What's cookin' maw?

On Sunday, Ma saw Brugghe while I stayed home and did the Tour. That was fun.

But on Monday, being an official Day Off (well, half a one), we partook of the festivities in town. It was the last day of Gentsefeesten and there were still a whole lotta people in Gent Centrum, generally milling around, drinking beer and carousing. So we joined them. Had a ride in a boat for fun and saw bits of Gent that I hadn't seen before. Then we had a fine meal in a very good Chinese(?) vegetarian restauraaaaaaaaant on the water. And wandered around a bit more.

The highlight of the evening was probably the band playing in the Korenmarkt. Appropriately entitled Kinky Afro, the band members were all attired in shiny silver disco suits with afro wigs, except in the case of the lead singer who had a shiny magenta wig thing. We were most entertained with tracks such as Crying at the Discotheque, Disco Inferno, She's a Maniac, We Are Family, I Will Survive etc. You get the idea, non?

It was very fine indeed!

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