Friday, April 06, 2012


I'm still in shock and awe at today's result: 18'09 to win the City RC Hull 10 on the legendary V718 course. Only two riders - Michael Hutchinson, who holds the comp record at 17'57 (set on this course) and Brad Wiggins (17'58) have gone faster over 10 miles in an open event in the UK. I believe Chris Boardman did a 17'54 in a club 10.

Second today was Julian Ramsbottom (18'47) then Matt Sinclair (same time) and Rob Pears (18'50). Drag2Zero's Derek Parkinson did a fine 19'09 for equal 7th, but our third man Mark Holton was a non starter after being struck down with the dreaded lurgy during the week. Bummer Mark - comp record will have to wait!

Hutch didn't show - and I bet he's wishing he did as it was a much faster day than the forecast suggested. To whit, two days ago it was snowing up there and it did not warm up that much today. When I rode it was 9 degrees with a light S-SW wind blowing (although it could have been NW), which felt like a tailwind out and headwind back. Add that to the Good Friday traffic and you have a quick day.

I didn't expect it to be that quick though. Last time I rode this course was in 2009 when I did 19'45 (and Hutch did 18'02). Since then, I've gotten a bit quicker, thanks in no small part to Simon Smart and Coach Ric. Today it was time for the reckoning.

I rode the reserve course (V714) to warm up and even that was fast despite me wearing winter kit. So I figured I'd give it a good crack once my number was called. It duly was and I sprinted off the line at South Cave like a man possessed. Within 30sec I was up to 36mph (58km/h in new money), dropped it back a couple of mph and just held it pretty much all the way to the turn.

Credit: Ian Chapman/

I was keeping it comfortable as I figured I'd need more gas coming back but still...I exited the second roundabout at the turn with 4.6 miles done and 8'15 on the clock. Back up to 36mph to hit the dual carriageway and then, as always, it started to hurt. There are some looong drags on the way back that you absolutely have to keep the speed up on or you are screwed. I dropped to 31mph (50 clicks) on the first one, then down to 28.5mph (46 clicks) at the top of the second one.

3 miles to go and at this stage I was pretty sure an 18 was in the bag, which helped keep me focused. There was just one more 'hill' to do, the one past the start with 1 mile to go, and I buried myself to carry as much speed as possible over the top. I'd already caught my minute man and now I overtook my two minute man, who finished with a mid-20.

After the hill there's a great little descent - nearly 40mph (64km/h) down there, which was a nice lead into the last uphill drag to the finish. The 18 was starting to look like a good 18 but it wasn't until I crossed the line that I saw it: 18'09! That's just insane.

I rode back to the HQ then did another lap of the V714 to cool down and get some more miles in (now is not the time to be slacking in training) and then had a look at the times on the board. People agreed it was fast but no-one got near my time, and that's what made it doubly satisfying.

Next up: Sunday's Rudy Project, which is 20 miles and promises to be wet. Hutch is off 2min behind me. I hope I can hold him off but I'm a bit more confident now.


langles said...

Crikey Jeff, that's awesome!

pj said...

how much slower is the reverse u47? because i was nearly quicker on the u21 and the u7b.

guess i'll find out at stupid o clock this saturday if the conditions are good.

Jeff Jones said...

Depends entirely on conditions

Anonymous said...

i posted this on the wrong post. did you realise or just presume i was being stupid? or both?

anyway, it was quick today! good conditions (for me anyhow).