Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kinetic One 10m TT: win!

A fast blog's a quick blog and a fast time is also a quick time. To whit, 20'21 for 10 miles (five and a half laps) of Castle Combe on Wednesday, to win the first Kinetic One TT of the season and add another to the growing number of teamdrag2zero race wins.

It's a smooth circuit but not that easy to ride flat out, as there are a few corners and chicanes as well as some leg sapping drags. However it was a lovely evening, not a lot of wind, a tad chilly by the time I started but I was more than happy with the fact that it was sunny.

I've been doing a fair whack of training recently and was under orders not to back off for this one, so I didn't. After pegging it from work, I warmed up on the circuit for several laps at a gentle 43km/h. Then it was time to get serious and race, and you can see what happened here - started at an OK 10 pace, set a new lap record on lap 2, then gradually blew to the point of being quite ragged on the last lap.

Funnily enough it was the same time as I did in July last year, when the conditions were slightly better and my legs certainly were. This bodes well and think I've got a sub-20 ride in me, but not until I'm a bit fresher.

Right, off to #paniceat some chocolate I've just #panicbought because the tanker drivers may or may not go on strike.

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Andy said...

Well Done Jeff. Stunning ride. another lap record too .... and in March! All the best Andy and the Kinetic-One team.