Saturday, November 10, 2007


Let me begin by saying that there are far too many people in Bath on the weekends. They appear to be here to shop, which is pointless as there's nothing in Bath that you can't get elsewhere. Go away, the lot of youse. Bath is not what you're looking for. Move along.

I'm almost certain that you can buy everything you need in Tesco these days. Cousin Ant swore that he spotted a bottle of Grange Hermitage in the Surrey Quays Tesco recently. Unfortunately we couldn't find it when we visited Lucy and Pete last weekend, but I did note that the French-table-wine-in-a-can stocks had been replenished. A clear sign that the class system is dead. Or in French terms, égalité ou la mort! I'm pretty sure that the latter would apply if you drank wine-in-a-can.

Speaking of near death experiences, I was shopping at Morrisons today. It's about the same budget scale as Tesco, but perhaps not as classy. While queuing up at the checkout, I noted the, er, generously sized woman in front of me was buying some particularly unappetizing fare: packaged pickled mackerel fillets, instant liver and onions with bacon mash, and shredded wheat (unfortunately, you can't buy wine-in-a-can at Morrisons). Maybe it was part of a slimming diet.

That said, there aren't that many overweight people in Bath, in contrast to most of the rest of England. I blame the Spanish and French tourists.

I put a temporary halt to my weight gain today when I partook of the Chippenham cemetery ride. I haven't done 100km for a month and it took its toll with about 15km to go. But it was fun to break the monotony of not training much. I've still got another three weeks of November, including the Belgian trip between the 19th-26th, to take it easy.

It's getting dark at 4:30 now, but I like this time of year when the light starts to go. Everything is softened. And the TV programs are better.


Hugh Jones said...

The real secret of the slimming diet was to add minced brains ( to an impalpable size) such an ingredient would insure instant slimming. No doubt she was seeking this ingredient elsewhere, perhaps Tesco in Transsylvania.

Jeff Jones said...

You might be onto something there.

Today, back in Morrisons, the balance had been restored. The two gravitationally attractive bodies in front of me had a large quantity of rindless bacon (I'm sure there's someone out there buying up surplus pork rinds) and a cake that consisted mostly of cream.