Friday, November 02, 2007

Excellent news

I've been researching the facts, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find that they gel with my own experiences. This article confirms what we always knew, that beer is the best post-ride recovery drink.

The jury's still out about whether it's a good pre-ride drink, but I did some more testing of this theory during last Wednesday's Halloween ride in Bristol. Jez summed it up fairly well in his blog, but I can offer the following independent observations:

1) The gallon of scrumpy that he had procured from a Somerset farmer looked exactly like petrol. Alas, it didn't taste anywhere near as good.

2) The mulled wine that was going to be used to extinguish the fire tasted like ambrosia compared to the scrumpy.

3) Somehow I managed not to fall off in the team race, despite a less than optimal lighting system and the combined effects of the aforementioned scrumpy and beer. I was pretty slow though.

4) It's harder than you think to explode a mountain bike tyre by riding it into the fire and leaving it there.

5) Where did all that mud come from?

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