Sunday, August 05, 2007


25° today. Woo hoo!

Saturday: 180km towards the non-flooded Severn, one lap of next Sunday's 25 mile TT course in about 1'05 (it's not easy, but I should be able to go under the hour next week), then up into the Cotswolds and back along the reverse route of the Chippenham ride. I felt slightly wrecked coming home into the headwind. Can't think why.

Sunday: 135km south then west to Wells, Somerset Levels (one of my fave bits of riding country), then back via Cheddar Gorge and Chew Valley Lake. A noice day with lots of sun.

I'm getting one of these to test. Noice.

I got stuck back into me door wedge, too. It has now passed the 20,000 word mark, counting 'and', 'the' and 'it'. That's nearly six chapters in the old money, and the current one is actually making me laugh.

Alas, Fopp went bust so I've had to seek out alternative cafes. I liked Fopp because it was big, if a bit grubby at times, and the coffee was decent. The Adventure Cafe is OK, but the second cappuccino I had today was a bit scarring. The froth was just a veneer, and the rest of the coffee didn't make up for it. Oh well. There are Others.


Lucy said...

Fopp was very grubby :(

Jeff Jones said...

Yeah it was, but it was a perfect place to write because it wasn't cramped, the coffee was usually good and it was open on Sunday. The three other good coffee places aren't open on Sundays, and they're not very spacious anyway. The Adventure Cafe's OK, but I'm in search of alternatives...