Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Elements of Life

Government health warning: blog title bears no resemblance to content. Reading further is proof that you already have dementia.

It's finally stopped raining and it now feels like autumn, except that it's still theoretically summer. If I have any more theoretical summers like this one I will crack.

Anyway, it was a beautiful evening this evening, and by a happy coincidence it was also Wednesday. Why was that happy? Because it was an opportunity for me to ride another 10 mile TT up Chippenham waye. It was 300m longer and a slightly bumpier course than last time, so I was satisfied with a time of 23'50 on the mighty Flandria. Ben Anstie did the quickest time of 22'37 (I don't think he's been beaten in club runs this year), then Andy Cook was second in 23'45, followed by moi. I should be getting a TT bike to test soon, so it'll be interesting to see how much difference that makes.

It's back to the standard course next week, so I'll see if I can beat my previous time of 23'20. Then I'm doing a 25 miler on Sunday near the Severn River. Hopefully it won't be flooded!

I finished Harry Potter #7. It was better than #6 but I still reckon number #4 was the best. I won't give away any salient pieces of the plot, or even soylent ones, but I will say it was a total bloodbath. Annoyingly, at the start I figured out the crux of what would happen at the end. Oh well, it was still a good read. Back to An Equal Music and The First Book of Lankhmar.

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