Friday, June 01, 2007

The joys of being injured

The problem with being sick or injured or all three is that you get bored. And when you're bored, you don't feel like doing anything to make life less boring. For example, adding more pages to your doorstop.

It should be clear by now that there is no second person in this narrative; it's just me. So I will switch to the first person.

I found salvation in two DVDs: We Can Be Heroes, which is quite a good piss take of Australian ordinariness, and The Dream, which is Roy and HG's incredibly funny take on the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Yes, both of these saved my life.

I've also watched a lot of BBC4, which this week has been about the evolution of British Children's TV. The Brits do nostalgia very well and it was interesting to see the story of The Magic Roundabout and The Tomorrow People. I didn't know that Magic Roundabout was actually French, but had an English story set to the animation. And that it was full of subtle humour.

On the book front, I've just about finished Junky. It's probably not the best read if you're feeling a bit queasy and fragile, but I got there. It's sordid, raw and addictive. There's an element of watching a plane crash over and over again, but it's worth the read. Remind me not to become a junkie. I've had enough of needles and being prodded for one week.

I went back to the finest surgery in Bath to get my stitches taken out at the leisure of the NHS. They didn't even give me a plastic sword! But I now no longer have any blue threads in my face and knee, just a couple of jagged looking scars. I have to go back next Wednesday for what I hope will be the final checkup.

I asked them whether I could ride now. "If you feel up to it," was the response. That's the equivalent of "Whatever" in NHS-speak.

Walking is still bloody painful. My right calf and my left hamstring work in concert to send spasms up and down my legs. I managed to hobble into work for the past two days but it's going to be a while longer before I can go at my normal speed. My colleague Matt Cole, who dislocated his shoulder five weeks ago, has just got his sling off and is working on getting his strength back. We are a sorry bunch.

I think I'll try to get out for an hour on the velocipede, among other fun things, on the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Recover soon.But step on your bike and move your body. This is the only way to heal in the quickest way. You know I have some experience with a multi-stitched knee. And don't forget to drink a beer now and then.


Jo from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff we are shocked to learn about your crash - Ron has just menaged to getN me online againafter our move from 14 Parkes st- we 3 Joan RonND ME ARE READING YOUR 1 JUNE UPDATE OF YOUR BILGESPOT -GET BETTER QUICKLY - CJHEERS Jim

Jeff Jones said...

I know you're right Jo, and today I should be able to manage both. And I'm hoping to see all of you guys in Belgium sooner rather than later.

Jim, Joan and Ron - I'm doing OK now. Or I will be once I get back on the bike :-) I was pretty lucky that I didn't break any teeth or my nose. I hope the move went well and look forward to visiting you later this year!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,
Jo told me this morning that he had a bad dream last night. He dreamed that his front teeth were gone. Now I know where he picked it up.
The advice Jo gave you is indeed the best way to get cured from your injuries. Move your body. Live is movement.
Cheers, Philippe.

Shanerr said...

There is a doc in Spain who could probably help speed your recovery..I believe he's short a bit of work at the moment, too.. :P

Anonymous said...

This will act as a warning to others who think it is cool to experiment with drugs.

Actually Jeff, this doesn't apply to you. On the other hand, it did appear in the Queen Mother's condolence book.



Jeff Jones said...

Jo should stop reading my blog late at night, or it will give him nightmares! I remember on the first night that whenever I closed my eyes, I had Terrible Visions of doctors trying to pull my face off. Not good.

Shane, I don't need no Spanish gynaecologists to crash in spectacular style. He can go on treating the Queen Mum.