Thursday, June 07, 2007

Forging ahead

The tables have turned and I am well on the road to recovery. That is pointing towards Bristol and back, as I pootle up and down the bike path for 40km each morning. Riding time has dropped from a very sluggish 1:33 to 1:24 today. Another four minutes quicker, and I'll be back to my rest day pace...

Still, the riding and icing of bruises (thanks for the tip Laura) have kicked things on a bit, and I can actually walk up stairs without much pain now. It will be at least another week before I can take the dressing off my knee, because that was such a big hole. Today, the nurse told to come back for a fourth visit and she gave me another plastic sword.

I'm going to rank this as my third worst crash after a) breaking my wrist last year (4 weeks in a cast + 2 months to get the strength back) and b) putting a big hole in my hip 10 years ago (3 weeks with metal stitches + a general anaesthetic). I've never been this bruised before but I'll get over it.

Aim for June/July/August/etc: stay on the bike. Like Roy and HG said about the weightlifter: "Just lift the bar"

It's all go at work now, with less than a couple of weeks until launch. The required run rate is going up, but we'll get there.


mesmerized said...

Hey Jeff.....

was just blog surfing and came across your blog, i hope your injuries heal soon and best of luck with your race against time :)


Jeff Jones said...

Random well wishes are always welcome so thank you! I'm getting there.