Thursday, February 08, 2007


Finally, it's cold here. Minus four this morning, according to the BBC, and who am I to argue with them? It felt like it too, as I went out for a morning 45 km constitutional with John. Lots of frosty bits on the bike path, and we didn't venture onto the road much. It's meant to snow tonight, so hopefully I'll get some noice pics tomorrow. It goes without saying that we'll be riding in it.

It's been a social whirl this week, for some reason. Pretty much every day except Monday has involved drinkypoos of some sort. Oh well, it's good for the constitution and all that. Monday was good despite being alchoholvrij, because I now know how to subedit. And by a fortuitous coincidence, I no longer have sleepless nights.

Speaking of which... I had to stay up later this evening because I only had three pints of Heineken and a packet of chips (called crisps here) for dinner. That is not sufficient for a growing lad of 13 and I had to fill in the gaps with chocolate.

I am pleased to learn that uncle Piers is also writing a novel, so I will be among good company when I finish my doorstop. The novel writing course starts next week. Feuer frei.

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