Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TV Digitalis

I didn't have to wait until 2010 to get digital TV! I am so happy about that, mainly because I can use Pete's Christmas present to watch oodles of rubbish on the box that never stops.

My downstairs neighbours informed me - via the post - that a TV engineer was coming to make an adjustment to the outside aerial this week. The only access to the roof is through my bathroom, so my cooperation was necessary. Fortunately for them, and everyone else in the flat, I have harboured the same agenda for weeks. So we are now all speaking the same language. German.

I got home to find the flat completely gutted, but the digital TV works, so it's all good. I turned it on, did some channel surfing and found the Sugababes on The Hits. That took me back to Christmas in December in December, it did. I come over all misty eyed, like. I think I spotted The Mummy on one of the other channels, so there is hope. But not for me.

My new homepage will become Oh look, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is back tonight on BBC2. I could already get that channel, but I can now watch it in digi format. Whee!

Better throw in this quote from Rammstein's Sonne, because it may not be appropriate for much longer:

Hier kommt die sonne
Sie is der hellste stern von allen

Bis sp├Ąter...

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