Saturday, December 02, 2006

Associated bilge

Here is a quick one as I contemplate riding to London not via the national cycle network. Reason for visit: Our mutual friend Carolyn is having going away drinks because she's gwine back to Oz, having spent the last few years working for the British library. Venue: I think we're meeting at a certain sushi bar in Piccadilly.

In other news, the TV here is superior to the beer. Hell, they even have episodes of the Simpsons that I haven't seen yet. Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Never Mind the Buzzcocks are probably my favourite shows of the moment. I remember NMtB from watching it in Belgium in 1998, and it has aged well. And for a laugh, there's always Unversity Challenge ("Rah rah rah, smash the oiks!"). Cousin Ant will be on that at some stage.

Now, how to navigate into London not via the norf circular.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, How is life in England?We (Guido, Jo and I)are cycling a lot on the indoor track in the Blaarmeersen. Yesterday I did 62 km with an average speed of 41 kmph. For an old one, like me, that is not too bad. I hope you are jealous now. You will miss Belgium because of the cycling. Greetings, Philippe

Jeff Jones said...

Hi Philippe,

It's quite different here, that's for sure. I do miss several things about Belgium, the cycling being one of them. But I'm getting used to it here. I rode to London yesterday (200 km) and back from Reading today (125 km), so I can keep a semblance of condition.

As far as bunch riding goes, there's no equivalent to the Schelde ride. I've been out with Bath CC a couple of times and although it's great to learn the back lanes with them, the 'fast group' only averages 25 km/h! I've been told that there's a Saturday 9:30 ride starting at Chippenham cemetery each week, and they go reasonably quick. I'll do that when I can get organised to get up there.

Hope you're all keeping well! I'll let you know when I'm coming back for a visit.