Friday, January 20, 2006

Adelaide still life

An update from Adelaide, where it's still hot and getting hotter. 38 yesterday, 37 today, 41 predicted for tomorrow. Hence the sunscreen, pictured in the composition below. The Jacob's Creek sparkling rosé counter balances it nicely. This is not a wine for drinking, this is a wine for laying down and avoiding.

Adelaide still life
© Jeff Jones

My hotel room in the Hilton is good, as usual. Except I'm on the sofa bed and my roommate Anthony Tan scored the double bed. But his back is buggered, so I'll give him that. Love the view of the hills:

It's a good view from my hotel room
© Jeff Jones

Speaking of hills, I've been riding most mornings, apart from the first day when I suicidally went out in the heat of the day. It's quite nice when it's only 25, and I've done a few good climbs. Rode up a valley today with a cool creek running down it...very relaxing.

More, anon.


lucy (power, not sister) said...

4 stars for "entirely appropriate use of Monty Python quote".

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff.
In Belgium it was nice today, about 7°Celsius. The next days it will become colder,during the day around 0°C and during the night below zero. Guido rides as a rocket and Jo is doing alright for this time of the year. I am like an old slow train, viewed my age it is normal. All the best and we hope to see you again in Europe in some weeks.Greetings, Philippe Blanchaert.

Jeff Jones said...

Thanks Lucy - 5 stars for actually following my own advice.

Phillipe, we just had five 40 degree days in a row. Greetings to everyone in Europe!