Monday, July 11, 2005


...years have passed since I entered this world, courtesy of my parents (thinks: thanks ma and pa). Overall, it's been pretty good. I just wish my birthday wasn't in the middle of the bloody Tour. Oh well, can't be helped. At least it's a rest day today.

Plan A didn't quite come off so I am going to instigate Plan B, which involves seeing War of the Worlds. Already seen Star Wars III, which was not bad except for the acting, or the direction thereof. I'm amazed that George Lucas can turn perfectly good actors into lifelike pieces of plasterboard. Chapeau, George! I also seen Sin City on the recommendation of Lucy, and it was quite good. Very dark and very violent, but extremely well done.

Tour commentary: Referring to Stage 8, where Discovery went OTB on the last climb, leaving Lance surrounded by 31 hostile forces. Well I guess it's not over until it's over, but I reckon he'll put the boot in en route to Courchevel tomorrow. We shall see.

I'm riding the Flandria again after the Endorfin's crank started squeaking and I didn't have the necessary tool to fix it. I like the feel of the Flandria a bit better, even if it's 9.3kg and has cheap Campag stuff on it.

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