Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Matters of import

I was all set to unblock my drain today (not the sink one, the shower one, because having a shower was like having a bath). But I seemingly had help from a higher power, because it suddenly unblocked itself. I think the problem was lower down, and there were Workmen below, so I think they had something to do with it. I guess I'll have to pour all that drain unblocker that I bought down the sink. What a waste.

Still cold and windy, so I did 150 km in approx. four and a half hours, with a little help from my friends. This time I did find the back way up to La Houppe, so I was vindicated in some way. I could relive the pain of last year's Sluitingsprijs Berchem when Guido and Snelle Eddy made my legs very, very sore on that climb. At least I know where the top is now.

We had a good quality bunch sprint today, with (I think) Dmitri De Fauw (Quick.Step) winning from his Six Day partner Iljo Keisse (Chocolade Jacques). Tomas Vaitkus was only 10th. Admittedly he wasn't actually sprinting and had his hands on the tops. These results could be completely erroneous because my vantage point 20 wheels back was probably not the best, and there may have been some parallax error.

I had a mattetaartje for the first time in ages today. Just then in fact. I think I've spoiled my dinner.

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