Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A week on

I feel approx. the same as last week but I am telling myself that things are improving. If I ride too hard, the sore throat comes back a bit, but I'm winning the battle.

Speaking of winning the battle, a Massive Congrats to Janelle Lindsay and Lindy Hou for winning the GOLD and Bronze at the Paralympics!! Youse totally rock, and it's good to see the Randwick Botany riders holding their own around the globe. Pete "The Machine" McDonald's win in the Grafton was also pretty cool (just a bit longer).

A tip for budding cyclists: Just Say No to Blood Transfusions if someone offers you one. Especially a heterologous one from an ice-cream eating rat or possum. Look what happened to Tyler.

OK, less than a week to go and then it's the World Championships. Who was the MAROON who designed the calendar this year? You don't squish it all together, you save something for the end. Oh well.

Gaan slapen.

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