Sunday, September 12, 2004


My apologies for the delay in updating this 'ere Bilgespot. This past week has been een beetje hectisch en ik heb 90 uren gewerkt. Sorry for double Dutch again. Normally September isn't that busy, even with the Vuelta. But my main partner in crime, Chris Henry, left the week before it started. He told us back in May and it registered in the dim recesses of my brain cavity, but for some reason I just assumed he was gunna do the Vuelta too. Alas, no.

So a few weeks ago we had to fast-track all three of our Chris Henry Replacement Job Candidates and pull their names out of a hat. Actually it wasn't too difficult, because one of them made the mistake of ringing up Gerard at 4am one Sunday morning. Oops. Of the two remaining, one was German and one was an Aussie, so of course we chose the German :-) No nepotism here!

Thus, this week has been Training Week for Hedwig Kröner, who - I believe - is not related to Harry Potter. She normally lives in Saarbrücken, and occasionally in France, but fortunately her parents live in Brussels so it's not a big deal to commute to CN Central in Gent. After two days she still came back, so clearly I wasn't trying hard enough. Normally I am very trying.

The upshot of it is that it's been 12-14 hour days so I'm a bit like a zombie at the moment. It's taken me about 2.5 weeks to get rid of my cold as a result, but it hasn't been too bad. I crave sleep, but I refuse to sacrifice my short morning ride for an extra hour of zzzz. Mmmm...extra hour...maybe tomorrow.

It stopped raining too and we've had about 2 weeks of calm, dry weather, but now it's getting windy again and the "usual" Belgian weather pattern is returning. So I'll have something to grumble about again.

Current video clip: "We Are" by Ana Johnsson, from the Spiderman II flick. Ow.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure how well your dutch is but check this out:



Jeff Jones said...

Oh dear, that explains everything. It took two weeks of non-blogging to get better. I must be more careful!