Sunday, December 16, 2012

In no particular order

Everyone at work's still sick, thus I've managed to pick up another infection of the nasal region. Tres annoying. It's not disastrous, just means I've had to put training on the back burner again. That said I'm not that bothered about the lost time as I know it comes back fast and it's a pretty crappy time of year to be doing lots of miles.

It probably didn't help having two work Xmas parties in the space of a week. Boozing and being in close proximity to sick people = recipe to get sick. They were worth it.

In the meantime my washing machine broke. The hinge on the door to be precise. I replaced it as you can see in this sequence of DIY imagery below.

Step 1: secure hinge with gaffer tape and put a container under the door. Note:  this is not a permanent solution.

Step 2: take the front off because you dropped the other bit of the hinge in the guts of the washing machine
Step 3: find the bit of the hinge you dropped and get it out with a suitable implement
Step 4: put a new hinge on the door

Step 5: bolt the door back on in poor light

Step 6: result, a fully functioning washing machine
So that was that.

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