Saturday, November 17, 2012

Slight return

My off season, which mostly involved getting sick and far too little beer, is finally over. A three week cold on top of two easy weeks made my CTL (chronic training load, which is basically how fit you are) graph look like the ski jump in the winter Olympics. Actually several ski jumps, one after the other. I know that to return to my September fitness will take many months of uninterrupted work but that's what the winter is for innit.

The mental break was nice although I've never really found it necessary. I like riding even though training is boring. But not training is even more boring. And being sick is the worst kind of boredom of all. That said, I've used the down time creatively, putting on 3kg and grown a winter beard.

What now? Don't panic and rebuild for as long as it takes. Can I do better than this year? I don't know and I'm not letting it bother me. The fire hasn't yet awoken but I'm sure it will.

I am enjoying the fact that my road bike finally has proper mudguards, courtesy of the good people at Cadence. I've been putting up with crappy substandard clip on things for years and they are endlessly frustrating. I now have wide bolt on versions and they work a treat. It's nice to come home without mud all over your kit for a change.

Other stuff: the world's going to the dogs as usual. Scooby Doo is the way forward. Twitter is quite good once you learn to filter it. I'm @drjones97


Jon Glazer said...


A few years ago you posted a blog entry which referenced a comedy skit about Count Bobulescu. Do you know who performed this skit? It's been a family favorite for years.

Please respond to Thank you very much.

pj said...

i grew my winter beard for hill climb season and have now shaved it off. weird.

Jeff Jones said...

John: My dad knows, I've asked him

Paul: you're doing it in the wrong order. Grow it for winter (Samson effect + keeps out the cold) shave it off in summer (for aero and lightness)