Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A fast blog's a quick blog

Usual apology for lack of updates. Vewy vewy busy at work/other/etc.

The news in brief then:

Weather fine, just cold. As of this week it's started to warm up properly and we're almost out of the 0 degree mornings.

Bicycle riding: good. I won the Chippenham hilly for the third time on a freezing morning. Even at 11am it was only 2 degrees. I took a bit of a risk and rode without gloves/leg warmers. Legs were fine with much deep heat etc. Hands got a bit cold, but not unbearably so.

We didn't use the normal course so were on the longer U87 (47.3km). Last year I did 1:06:57 on it on a warmer day in April, so this year's 1:06:43 was a modest time improvement.

El power was decent though: 324W/332NP, which would put my 1hr power at ~334W, more than at any point last year. It was nice to be able to do that on less, but better planned training. As of last week I've now got a PowerTap to train on too. So no more training load guesswork is necessary, although in hindsight what I did come up with wasn't bad.

Next racing fixture will be the Rudy Project round 1 on March 28, on the latest version of the Bath hilly course. Well over 100 riders for this one, which is rare for a national series round. But a good thing. There are plenty of decent riders too: Matt Bottrill, who should win it, Arthur Doyle, Ben Anstie and last year's overall Rudy Project winner, Dean Robson.

Finally, RIP my cousin John Linton, 99 years old! An amazing man. I did hope he'd make it to 100.

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