Friday, January 22, 2010

Mo' coffee

It's high time to update the official Approved Bath Coffee Shop list. Things have generally improved around here over the last year, although we've lost a couple of key cafes.

In a vague order, we have:

Jika Jika (NZ themed, big area)
Same Same but Different
Chandos Deli
Colonna and Smalls (tiny but good)
Fine Cheese Company
Real Italian Ice Cream Company
Kindling Cafe
Metropolitan (like the espresso)
Tea House Emporium (pricey but nice)
The one in Chelsea Rd wot used to be the Kindling

There are a couple I still haven't tried yet but these are worth it.

The chains (Starbucks, Nero, Rouge, Costa) are all mediocre to appalling. There are a number of independent places that are OK but why bother when you've got good ones?

Training: a fair bit of roller work. That's not ab roller, that's actual rollers where you're not attached to anything. First time I rode them it took me 20min before I could let go of the wall! But by the end of the week I was able to ride one handed, which meant I could actually drink. You can get a surprisingly hard workout from rollers, but it still ain't the same as riding outdoors.

On the road, the weather's been improving from the snow and ice that I mostly missed :-) I'm sticking to my plan and it still seems to be working, although I haven't done any real benchmark rides yet. My best comparison was an interval session on the TT bike on the bike path the other day. Each one was about 1km/h slower than the equivalent session last July, which is quite good considering it's 15 degrees colder.

One I get a PowerTap wheel, hopefully in the next few weeks, I can get some proper data.


summers said...

Try DaVinci up on Bear Flat.


Jeff Jones said...

I will - ta for the tip

summers said...

Oh yes - forgot to say. In DaVinci, ask Vince (the owner) to do you a Naples style expresso - then he'll do you the real thing. Vince makes better coffee than the others there, although Jo isn't bad ...