Sunday, May 24, 2009

First 10 of the year

I didn't think it'd be nearly June before I rode my first 10 mile TT this year, but there you go.

On Saturday I did the Bristol South 10 on what local Mike Hallgarth calls the 'superfast' U7B course. He doth jest a little, although is faster now after the resurfacing of some of the worst bomb crater sections.

I did it because I didn't enter the national 10 in time 'cos I thought I'd still be injured. But no. I also needed the training. It's 45km each way so it's excellent for that purpose. And it was nice and sunny, over 20 degrees(!!) and not too windy.

Last August, when I was in pretty decent shape, I managed 21'30 on this course in similar conditions in a Dursley club event. Today I dun 20'50, which was easily good enough to win and was only six seconds off the course record. It hurt - I went out a bit too quick and paid for it on the way back - but it was worth it.

The slightly odd thing was, I averaged 15W lower than I did last August and yet was 40sec quicker. That's a massive difference. Unless my Powertap is playing up - and I don't think it is because I don't feel fully fit yet - I've made some serious aerodynamic gains from the new frame (which I'm reviewing) and position. I've noticed that I can ride a lot faster into headwinds, which is important. My climbing's still a bit rubbish, but I'm working on that.

That bodes well. Because once I get proper fit, that's another 20-30sec in a 10 and 1'30 in a 25.

I've had similar experiences in other opens: the WTTA 30 and Somer Valley 29, both averaged 310W but I was a lot faster than expected. I also averaged 310W in the club 25 last Wednesday, not going flat chat and still getting around in 55'13. That's not bad for a quiet course on dead roads (the course record is a bit under 55 minutes).

So if I can get back to cranking out 335-340W for an hour, and 350-360W for 20 minutes, I should expect some very quick times. I have already started training to that end and hopefully will get there by the end of June. Doors and fell beasts permitting, of course. Thinks: must watch out for Nazgul in Morrisons.

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hugh jones said...

Ash nazg durbatuluk,
ash nazg gigbatul,
ash nazg thrakatuluk,
agh burzum ishi krimpatul!

this should make an interesting advertising slogan for Morrisons.