Sunday, April 12, 2009


As rest weeks go, I have to say I've had better ones. I'm currently nursing a nasty cut around my right eye, a result of riding into a closing roller door at work that I just didn't see. Could have been worse, could have been a lot better.

Recall the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Dr Jones just makes it under the vertical sliding door in the temple. He even manages to get his hat.

Unfortunately, my life does not follow Hollywood rules and I didn't make it under the door. Yes I had a hat on, but no it wasn't a helmet. Stupid, because it would have reduced the damage I sustained and I wear it every other time. Never again.

Briefly, it was a combination of ignoring the signs at the top of the ramp to dismount (cyclists hate walking, but it can be a dangerous ramp), expecting the roller door to be open (it usually is at that time of the morning, as long as the security guard was there, which he was), wearing dark glasses (although they probably saved me from more damage) and following another cyclist down the ramp (concentrating on the wrong moving object).

The other rider made it through and although I had five seconds, I simply didn't see the door closing until just before I slammed into it. I turned my head to the left and bam, down I went. Lots of blood and a sore head, but I didn't lose consciousness, could remember everything, didn't have eyesight problems - so thankfully no major symptoms of concussion.

As resident first-aider, John patched me up PDQ and his bandaging was so good that when the paramedics arrived shortly after, they didn't feel it necessary to change the dressing. Then it was off to hospital for stitches, with Justin Loretz keeping me company for want of something better to do. I got nine stitches, although I wasn't sure if they counted the two in the wound above my eyebrow - I suspect they did.

I was out of there by 12:30 and went back to work so people could keep an eye on me, spending the afternoon watching DVDs. Even managed to get out for a drink (non alcoholic) later on before spending the night at John's, just in case anything happened. Head injuries are serious!

Since then, it's been a rather boring and depressing period, mostly spent at home. I'll try to get the stitches out on Monday and start riding after that. The main positive is that my ankle feels a lot better, although it's hard to tell how good until I start riding and walking again.

Oddly enough, this year reminds me a bit of 2007, where I also had three crashes and got sick a couple of times - almost there already, and it's only April! Maybe it's the curse of the rainbow jersey...


Anonymous said...

Wow - you're upping the ante Jonesey....i'll have to aim for something sharper than a park bench next time. Take it easy mate!


Hugh Jones said...

I thought being brought down by a dog and its cretinous owner was bad enough but I've heard that there is a good doctor in transylvania who specialises in such repair work.

Anonymous said...

I say my dear old chap, you are having a spot of bad luck...

When the stitches come out, get the old Vit-E cream out (or whatever), because otherwise that's gonna scar up like a bastard...

Josh (split mode)

JohnJohn said...

Try not to do that again, mate - it was a bit disturbing coming down to the car park and finding you bleeding profusely.

I've asked around and apparently chicks do dig scars (well, Laura D and Storm say they do anyway) so silver lining there.

There's some stuff called Cica-Care that you can get from pharmacists that educes scarring. Get some and claim it on exes!

Jeff Jones said...

Thanks for yez comments.

I'm pleased to say I'm healing quickly (will post another pic tomorrow). In fact, to the likely disappointment of many women, I'll end up with not much of a scar at all. Maybe I should have hit it harder.

My ankle, on the other hand, is taking rather longer to sort out.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sorry to hear and see of your misfortune. No doubt the result will soon merge with the smile lines!