Friday, December 07, 2007


A full-on serious tea and coffee shoppe in Bath, at last!

Steve discovered it and took us there for one of our lunchtime tea stops. It's under the Oxalis tea shop in New Bond St and, for the time being, very inconspicuous. But when you go down into it, you realise it's something special. The walls are all painted white with locked cabinets containing various tea sets. It's like a museum!

The menu offers a massive range of teas and coffees. It looks pricey at first until you realise that each tea/coffee is for two people. I got a Brazilian Santos coffee, which has a delicious chocolatey flavour. It came in a plunger and I drank four and a half cups before it was empty. All for just £2.75. That's value, given that a medium black coffee from the Italian ice cream shop will cost £1.40 but you don't get the ambience. And I was very much awake in the afternoon.

I'm definitely going back and I hope it doesn't go broke before January next year. Because in the meantime, I will be in the land down under where women glow and men plunder. But I have to spend a day and a half in bloody Brunei because I got a cheap flight. Maybe I'll get to drive one of the sultan's 367 Ferraris.

It'll be nice to be in a county where the default weather isn't crap. That said, it did get up to 15° today - just like summer really. The problem was that it was raining at an angle that was close to horizontal. Quelle annoyance.

It was a good day to go out for a beer or five, which we of BikeRadar and WhatMTB and a bit of C+ did. The Bell, The Star, Lambrettas and almost The Huntsman but instead The Cellar were all patronised. It was just the thing to prepare for a three and a half day trip across the world.

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