Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brief results from Austria

2nd in the time trial by 4.51 seconds. Close, but no cigarillo. Still, I was quite happy with my ride, which would have won the U35 category. 43km/h on a hilly, technical course with an average of 356 watts. Another 2 watts and I would have won :-) The winner was Roel van Schalen, an experienced Dutch racer who hasn't done the journo worlds before.

I surprised myself by backing up for third in the road race in a four man sprint, but I didn't really have the legs to win it.

More, anon.


Anonymous said...

Congragulations with the result Jeff. Well done!
Needless to say, if you should have stayed in Belgium among the Schelde Terrorist Riders for training and drinking, you should have been Worldchampion for the second time!
Anyway, great job and nice to see you standing next to the Kannibal.


Jeff Jones said...

Thanks Jo! Full report to follow.

I'm sure I lost my edge because of a lack of Belgian beer and Schelde riding this year. That said, regular Schelde rider Dieter Roman, who won the U35 TT last year, was 2'30 behind me this year and fifth in his category.

I'm coming over for the Gent Six in November. Hopefully see some of you then!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Well done!
I hope you will write something about your fantastic experience for the Chippenham Wheelers newsletter with a photo of you in club kit!

Jeff Jones said...

No worries and thanks Gwen! What's the word limit? I can knock something out based on the full journo worlds blog above.