Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I knew it

The NHS was behind all the attempted terrorist bombings in the UK. No wonder they ran out of plastic swords. I have to dress my own wounds now. Another week, and I can remove the bandage.

I seem to be riding OK again, although the weather is utter rubbish. It's as cold here as it is in Sydney, but we're in the middle of summer while it's bloody winter in Oz. And it's raining here too. Not proper rain, just drizzle. I'm going to take mine back and get a new one.

Speaking of getting a new one, BikeRadar.com is almost live and that means I have eaten more Schwartz burgers this week. Future also bought Cyclingnews today, and that means the company owns six cycling titles. Crikey.

I had more that I was going to add to this blog but my brain is now empty and I'm tired.

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Ron said...

Glad TO hear you're on the mend. KR& L are in NZ skiing (hopr you received my e-mail) Good to here Future has bought Cycling News - you future no doubt assured