Saturday, June 24, 2006

Banality, II

The Henk Ballet classic will follow in the next edition of bilge. This is a random article of bilge to clear the head from national championships. All results, all the time.

I think the form is coming back, as somehow I managed to 'win' two training bunch sprints in a row. That is strange, as I am not fast, but these were slow sprints that started from a fair way out, so timing is more important than speed. Today we did the Trap Op in 4'51 (36km/h) with the lightest of tailwinds. "Der Goswin" was on the front for the first two thirds, and I took over for the top bit. Der Goswin even led me out in the sprint, and even though when I came off his wheel, it felt like I was riding through a swimming puel, no-one came past. He said it wasn't the intention to lead me out, but I thanked him anyway.

Berchem: Despite the promise of dry weather and 24 degrees, it rained all the way out and all the way back home, but stayed dry during the ride. No Guido or Guy Callens, but Eddy was back. It was mostly him and I doing the work, with Geert d'Hondt doing his share + one other guy. Seven left after Tournai. At Franses, we had to leg it through a go-kart race, and one guy even had a small crash trying to get through the tape. He was OK though.

I've decided that the best way to ride the hills is on the front, as you can go at your own tempo and keep at your threshold. If somebody is stronger than you, it won't really matter as they'll drop you in the end if they want, but at least you don't have to go into the red while following them. If somebody isn't as strong, then they will go into the red following you. So I did every hill on (or off) the front.

Eddy and I were left after Lahamaide, but we caught Versmessen over the top as he'd ridden off while we were waiting for the guy who crashed previously. I still felt OK by the time we got to the Kapelleke, and kept the speed high from the bottom, going a bit into the red by the top. But I looked back and I couldn't see Eddy or Versmessen, so I continued on my own. I think it's important to eat on these rides. But it goes without saying that I blew completely on the way back home, just before that vital vending machine emporium at Oudenaarde, where I also required a Mars bar to go with the Coke. Another wet 30 km home. Wish I'd brought arm warmers!

Danny, the air traffic controller, told me about his training program. It involves a lot of kilometres. 1150 last week and he's going for 1350 this week for a nice round 2500 in two weeks. Strewth. I think I'd be tired after that and wouldn't want to direct planes.

Funny supermarket moment of the week: A man bought a can of Pepsi and a Mars bar and paid for it with some huge denomination note, like 500 euros. OK, small things amuse me.

I seen The Omen this week. I didn't see the original 1976 version, which was probably better, but this one had moments. Damien was a bit too cute to be the Antichrist, so his casting lacked a bit of verisimilitude. The various death scenes were fairly well done. Funny thing was, the next day after I saw it, I went for a ride in my red jersey that I have never worn, ever. I give 4 out of 6.66 stars.

Just like Dick Whittington, I'll be off to Londres again next week, although just for a day. It'll be good to see Lucy and Pete again, albeit for a short time only. Book now and save. But wait, there's more!

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