Thursday, November 10, 2005

On holidays (nearly)

After two weeks of semi-intense work in the Surry Hills Office, I have earned myself a bit of time off. Three weeks, to be precise. That should be nice, as I have reached that "battery empty, need recharge" phase of the season. It won't be a relaxing period, as I have to sort out this house buying, but hey, it'll be something different!

Step 1) Get cash
Step 2) Acquire house


I've been racing four (4) times at Heffron. Got 6th and 10th in the "Snowy Wilson", 6th A on the first Tuesday nighter, 5th on a crappy Saturday race, and dropped in the last Tuesday nighter after four (4) laps. I had bad legs for a week before that, so I wasn't really surprised. But I've replaced my flexy carbon seatpost with a more solid titanium one, and I already feel better. I'll start racing at Sutho next week.

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