Sunday, June 19, 2005


IX. It's 32 degrees today = hot.

X. I fixed the horrible creak in my crank. It was driving me, and probably everyone else on Saturday, nuts. Turned out that the left crank just needed a bit of allen key work, and it's all good now.

XI. Berchem was good, given that it was such a nice day. The usual suspects were there: Eddy, Guido, Guy Callens, Hubert, Jantie, Versmessen, Geert d'Hondt, etc. About 20 all up, although Guido had ridden 210 km on Saturday so he was a bit sore. It was a good tempo early on, and I took turns sitting on the back then doing a few km of work, as you do. There were about 10 of us left after the long false flat up from Tournai, and we stuck together until just before Frasnes, when Geert attacked after the main road crossing. I followed him, mainly because I'd been on the front, and we had a little gap coming into Frasnes. Of course, being the klutz that I am, I dropped my nearly empty bidon, slowed to get it, but then thought better of it and rejoined Geert. Guy and Eddy were driving the bunch though, and we got caught a few km later.

Then it was only a few more km before the climb between Frasnes and Lahamaide, and I decided to ride up there at a solid tempo to see who had the legs today. Guy Callens got my wheel, and I didn't ask him to do a turn this time. I thought Eddy and Guido would be there for sure but I looked back at the top and couldn't see anyone, so decided to continue with Guy, who is great to have in a break because he's so big.

So we swapped off, with me doing all the uphills and Guy contributing a fair bit on the other sections. When we hit the turnoff onto the main road to Flobecq, I could see the bunch had regrouped and was only about 20 seconds behind us. Hmm, better step on the gas a bit...through Flobecq and up over the Chapel climb and then to Quatre Vents, where Guy did a total of one turn, but that was OK. He started working again after we crossed the N48, and the two of us just kept going to the finish. I wasn't going to attack him and he thanked me for it at the end. No worries - he did a fair bit too!

Guido came in next at 2'00+/- and went to the cafe for a few restorative ales. I went home via the Coke machine in Oudenaarde, and that helped enormously. I'd still lost 3.5 kg in fluid by the time I got home!

XII. London here we come!!

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